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Jose Aviles

Virtual Event Expert and

Direct Response Specialist

If you're tired of struggling to get consistent sales and are serious about changing your business this is for you.

Lets Work Together To UnlockThe Next Level In Your Business

Are you just a few tweaks away from getting more customers and more profits in your business?

If you're like most business owners the answer is likely "Yes". However you're likely deep in the day to day of running your business and that means that often times you can't see the woods from the trees.

That's where a second pair of eyes is priceless.

If you want me  to be your second pair of eyes book a Breakthrough Session today

The goal of the session is to uncover the hidden opportunities and missing pieces in your current marketing.

To show you and guide you to the exact steps you need to take to take your business from where you are to where you want to get to.

Here’s what others are saying about Jose


The #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns…

"You're Doing Some Great Things Man"

"Jose is doing great things and 

I would encourage all of the listeners, viewers, and subscribers out there to really pay attention to what it is that Jose's saying and to put some faith in the process."


Entrepreneurs On Fire

"Jose is Second-to-None"

“Jose is second to none when it comes to Virtual Summits. You MUST pay attention to his stuff – it just works!”

John S Rhodes

World Class Internet Marketer, Author and Entrepreneur

"I'll add $100,000 in extra profits"

"Jose Aviles is my Virtual Summit mentor. I estimate that I'll add $100,000 in extra profits this year using his stunningly effective approach. Just don't tell him I said that!"

I've Worked With

I've had the pleasure to work in and consult a vast range of projects, with some the worlds top though leaders and experts in their fields. Leaders like:

Tony Robbins

Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Philanthropist

Jack Canfield

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Trainer

Dr. Barbara Lowe

Psychologist, Lay Minister,  Author, Speaker and WORLDCHANGER

Nick Ortner

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

About Jose

A "recovering" Mechanical Engineer, Jose Aviles is a Direct Response marketer and Virtual Summit Producer who has been involved in running, consulting and providing services for online brands and entrepreneurs for over a decade.

He is the Founder of Virtual Summit Lab, a hub with tools and resources to produce better summits. It's here where Jose shares the good, the bad and the ugly of his experience with online events. 

His work has been featured in several outlets including Fueled, Digital Entrepreneur Magazine and the Continuity Summit.